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What’s behavioral economics? “Ask Ariely” and the Nobel reading group

In preparation for Nobel 2016, In Search of Economic Balance, students and faculty have formed reading groups to get familiar with each speaker’s work in a fun and relaxed environment. The Dan Ariely group has been studying his latest book, Irrationally Yours, which is a compilation of columns from his wildly popular Wall Street Journal […]

“Snowflakes,” Whitman, and why college isn’t a day care

Dr. Everett Piper, President of the Christian university Oklahoma Wesleyan, made national headlines a few weeks ago when he vented frustration about a student complaint. In a blog posting entitled, “This is not a Day Care. It’s a University,” Piper described the incident: This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a […]

E/M faculty strengthen majors

Probably nowhere else on the Gustavus campus does the tension between liberal learning and those traditions, and job readiness and “training” bubble up. That means that Economics and Management department has to be especially alert to how to walk that balance with student learning. We held a day-long curriculum retreat to assess where we needed […]

Econ & Management young alumni share their HR knowledge

Great energy yesterday in Kathi Tunheim‘s HR course– recent Gustie alumni came to share their experiences in managing human resources in a variety of industries and contexts. The HR students heard perspectives from Steve Andres ’10, Abbie Barrett ’14, and Ashley Michalko ’14 about life off the Hill, working in talent management and marketing. Steve […]

Gusties making a difference: Ensuring fresh water in India

While Professor Paul Estenson retained his whiskers, the fresh water campaign from our Global Entrepreneurship in India students netted $400– an amazing tally for such a short time window. Here is what Paul said about the partnership between the GEI students and our Gusties here in St. Peter: Today we raised $400 for our fellow […]

Bidding farewell to Economics & Management faculty

On Tuesday evening May 13th, the Economics & Management department gathered at Whiskey River to bid adieu to several faculty members. Glenn Barnette, David Reese, Kristina Terkun Castro, and Tim Peterson. We will miss their energy and presence as will students.                     We decided we needed […]

Getting up to speed at Sage Publications

While LA in January has de facto appeal, it was both enlightening and a bit overwhelming to head to Sage Publications with my new Journal of Management Education co-Editor-in-Chief buddy and colleague Jeanie Forray of Western New England University. We assumed our EIC roles as of Jan 1 for the next 18 months. JME has […]

Rita Ray to present paper at 17th International Business Research Conference

Rita Ray’s Paper ‘Wither Slumdog Millionaire: India’s Liberalization and Development Themes in Bollywood Films’ has been accepted in 17th International Business Research Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada from 7-8 June, 2012.   Bollywood is the largest film industry in India as well as in the world in terms of its number of audience […]

Professor Jeff Owen participates in Global Insight panel discussion

Associate Professor of History Nicholas Breyfogle from The Ohio State University and Gustavus Assistant Professor of Economics Jeff Owen participated in a panel discussion entiteld “Sustainability and Economics in the Circumpolar Region” on Thursday April 19. This 90-minute discussion that took place at Gustavus was part of the Global Insight program’s day-long spring semester event. […]

Accretive Health

Kathi Tunheim, Assistant Professor of Management, was invited by Tina Semsch ’11 and Nina Boldt ’11 who both work as Business Analysts at Accretive Health in Minneapolis. She was asked to facilitate a two hour meeting by their female employees about how to work more effectively and successfully in the business environment. Kathi shared the […]