Economics and Management

surfing at New Brighton Beach 

Teaching management– New Zealand style

We’ve made it to the other side of the globe, and the (sorry Minnesotans!) summery southern hemisphere! It’s been sunny and about mid-70s each day. Maybe it will make the winter sufferers to know there is a hole in the ozone here, so we’ve been sunburned despite liberal SPF 50 applications..? Maybe? OK, maybe not. […]

The E/M faculty share individual assessments of strengths & challenges 

E/M faculty strengthen majors

Probably nowhere else on the Gustavus campus does the tension between liberal learning and those traditions, and job readiness and “training” bubble up. That means that Economics and Management department has to be especially alert to how to walk that balance with student learning. We held a day-long curriculum retreat to assess where we needed […]

Helping a shelter resident learn to love reading 

Management students help young shelter residents thrive

Another great semester thanks to open-minded Organizational Behavior students and my community partner for the fall, Partners for Affordable Housing in Mankato! Working with PAH Coordinator Onnie Brodkorb and her organization has helped enact one of my key community-based learning goals: move beyond the limitations of semester-long projects to get real change initiatives going and […]

Mayo scholars 2014-15 

Helping stimulate creativity and innovation

Every year, E/M faculty member Bruce Johnson helps Gustavus students navigate a flagship innovation and creativity experience with the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program was created in 2008 by retired Medtronic executive John Meslow. Eleven of the private Minnesota schools have either one or two teams in this annual program. The teams are […]


Corporate scandals and salsa– E/M style

Last night I hosted a film showing and discussion of the documentary, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” for a theatre full of students– most of whom were 8 or 9 years old when Enron imploded in the early 2000s. It is easy for me to forget that such a defining corporate event for […]

Econ & Management young alumni share their HR knowledge

Great energy yesterday in Kathi Tunheim‘s HR course– recent Gustie alumni came to share their experiences in managing human resources in a variety of industries and contexts. The HR students heard perspectives from Steve Andres ’10, Abbie Barrett ’14, and Ashley Michalko ’14 about life off the Hill, working in talent management and marketing. Steve […]

Gusties making a difference: Ensuring fresh water in India

While Professor Paul Estenson retained his whiskers, the fresh water campaign from our Global Entrepreneurship in India students netted $400– an amazing tally for such a short time window. Here is what Paul said about the partnership between the GEI students and our Gusties here in St. Peter: Today we raised $400 for our fellow […]

$50 incentive 

Social entrepreneur Gusties in India and St Peter link up for a cause

We just got an email from Aimee Goldschmidt, one of our Gusties studying in the Global Entrepreneurship in India program, asking for some crowdfunding help to benefit Charity: Water. That organization partners with local villages in developing nations to drill clean water wells that help an entire village. They’re offering cool prizes, gifts, and experiences […]

more social entrepreneurs in the making 

Social entrepreneurship club gets a boost

              Members of the Social Entrepreneurship Club gathered to sample the product they will be marketing and selling as a model project this year. Paul Estenson, the club’s faculty sponsor, is also its de facto mentor and benefactor for providing students with a tried-and-true product from his own entrepreneurial […]

Welcome to our new faculty for 2014-2015

The Economics and Management department (AND Accounting) engaged 4 new faculty this year, in a variety of disciplines. Great energy and new ideas being thrown around! Marta Podemska-Mikluch has joined us this year as a tenure-track economist. She completed her Ph.D in Economics at George Mason University in 2012. After that, she spent two years […]