Getting up to speed at Sage Publications

Posted on February 2nd, 2014 by

While LA in January has de facto appeal, it was both enlightening and a bit overwhelming to head to Sage Publications with my new Journal of Management Education co-Editor-in-Chief buddy and colleague Jeanie Forray of Western New England University. We assumed our EIC roles as of Jan 1 for the next 18 months. JME has a place near and dear to both of our hearts so taking over this role is a labor of love. Plus, working closely with Jeanie again is a bit of a redux from 2009-2010 when she was the president of OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators and I was OBTC program chair for 2010’s meeting.

Part of our duties is spreading the JME word! We are delighted to be co-hosts for the 2014 Research in Management Learning & Education Unconference at Copenhagen Business School in late June. The Unconference format fits JME’s goals perfectly: management education that’s daring, out of the box, risk-taking, and transformative for students. We can’t wait!


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