Bidding farewell to Economics & Management faculty

Posted on May 15th, 2014 by

On Tuesday evening May 13th, the Economics & Management department gathered at Whiskey River to bid adieu to several faculty members. Glenn Barnette, David Reese, Kristina Terkun Castro, and Tim Peterson. We will miss their energy and presence as will students.

Glenn, Kristina, Tim & David at Whiskey River

Glenn, Kristina, Tim & David at Whiskey River











We decided we needed the department to host more of these events- teambuilding is very important! Jeff Owen and Paul Estenson waxed philosophical and humorous in their comments, although maybe not as hilarious as Laura Bowyer’s stand-up routine at the E/M Senior Banquet on May 7th!

Ironic: now that they do not need to know what time it is in retirement, we get them beautiful personalized clocks.

We wish them all well on their next adventures!


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