E/M guest speaker, Niel Willardson, visited Money and Banking class and presented “Silicon Valley Bank Failure.” Posted on May 5th, 2023 by

It is the third time our guest speaker, Niel Willardson (currently professor of law at University of Minnesota; former senior vice president at the Federal Reserve of Minneapolis), coming to Prof. Shu-Ling Wang’s Money and Banking class and shared his insights on banking with the Gustavus community.
Different from the previous talks on global and Covid crises, this time Niel presented “Silicon Vally bank failure.” Over reliance of deposits, duration mismatch, policy responses, and bank regulations were touched in-depth. Student used knowledge they learned in class or internship to apply, interacted with Niel, and asked/responded great questions on this contemporary topic.
When the session ended, Niel mentioned to me, “Again, Gustavus is one of my favorite places to come! You really have a great group of students as you always do.” (I cannot agree with Niel more.)
Thanks for coming again . We are very fortunate to have you in our community! We also want to greatly thank the Lindholm family for their generosity and funds to support such an event at Gustavus.

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