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Sunny Rijal, a member of the class of 2025 at Gustavus Adolphus College, is the embodiment of a model student. With a major in business management, Sunny exemplifies the dedication and drive that defines the Gustavus community. His involvement on campus is nothing short of impressive, from his leadership roles in student organizations to his commitment to the Gustavus community. Sunny’s passion for learning, strong work ethic, and friendly demeanor make him a prime example of the kind of student Gustavus takes pride in nurturing and supporting.

In an interview with Sunny, he enthusiastically shares his involvements. He works in the Marketing Office, serves as a student leader in Dining Services, and actively participates in numerous student organizations, including Ducks Unlimited, American Cancer Society, Big Hill Farm, and Epsilon Pi Alpha. It’s evident that Sunny is not alone in being an extremely involved student, as Gustavus College fosters a vibrant and engaged community of students. With over 100 student organizations, a substantial majority of students find themselves involved with at least one of these organizations. 

When asked for advice to offer incoming students, Sunny says, “Embrace the opportunities that are available to you and go out and find something that aligns with your interests and goals” and “Make connections that last for your life.” 

Regarding his experience within the Business and Economics department, he shares how he feels the department offers more than just academic courses to provide invaluable experiences. “It’s about working together with peers and experiencing real-world applications.” When asked to give advice to incoming Business and Economics students, Sunny says, “Take full advantage of what it offers. Participate in events like the Gustie Cup, which always inspires me with new ideas. Explore clubs like the Investment Club and Accounting Club if you’re keen on learning about finance“. He also shares that he appreciates the numerous guest speakers who provide insights into the real world, aiding students in preparing for life after college.

Sunny’s prominent presence extends beyond his campus involvement, as he has been featured in a Gustavus promotional video aimed at prospective students. This video showcases the diverse array of involvements that represent the lives of many students. In his words, “Creating the ad with Gustavus was an amazing experience. It allowed me to collaborate with a diverse group of people and reinforced why I chose Gustavus in the first place.” He also shares his newfound interest in kayaking, which Gustavus has introduced him to. This is featured in the ad as well.

Furthermore, Sunny has been featured in a “Gustie Snapshot” video interview, where he provides further insight into his enriching experiences at Gustavus, shedding light on what makes the college stand out. To learn more about Sunny, you can follow the link to the video provided here.



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