Consider These Courses for Fall 2022

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As registration for the fall semester approaches, students should consider taking Introduction to Management or Marketing. These courses are offered by the Economics & Management Department, however, they are applicable to many areas of study. Students from all majors are encouraged to enroll. 

Introduction to Management: Helpful for All Students

Introduction to Management (E/M 160) is an interactive and engaging course that examines the role of businesses and organizations on local and global levels. Topics covered include management skills, marketing management, small business and entrepreneurship management, and human resource management. The course also incorporates current events, like supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine, and studies how they affect businesses and society. 

The course is a foundational class and prerequisite for Management majors and minors, but it is useful for students from all departments. “Most of us work or will work in organizations, whether it is in a leadership role or not,” says Professor Angelika Löfgren, “we can all benefit from an understanding of how organizations work and how they relate to our society.” In previous semesters, students majoring in the sciences, language, and the arts have taken the course to learn more about administration, management, and to prepare for starting their own organizations. Introduction to Management provides a basic understanding of how businesses function, which is useful for anyone entering the job market.

Marketing: A Class with Real World Experience

Marketing students with their client, Muresuk Mena ’13, from the non-profit Pack A Smyle in Spring 2021

Marketing (E/M 260) is another course that applies to majors beyond Economics and Management. Joesy Shea is a senior Communications major who is interested in pursuing a career in marketing. She took the class to learn more about the core areas of the field and found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. The biggest part of the class is the company project. Each student works on a team to help address marketing challenges for an alumni-related company. This allows students to apply the principles of marketing they are learning in a hands-on way.

Students learn more than just the Marketing curriculum, though. Most of the assignments and projects are group-based. “Time management and teamwork were the two biggest skills that I developed in this course,” says Shea.  “I use these skills now in my Digital Marketing internship, in my courses, and at my job.” For anyone considering taking Marketing, Shea highly recommends it. “I think this course is valuable even if you don’t pursue a career in Marketing.” Students will practice analysis, critical thinking, and collaboration in an active learning environment, which are important skills and experiences regardless of their major. 

Offerings for Fall 2022 

In the Fall 2022 semester, there will be three sections of Introduction to Management and two sections of Marketing offered. Introduction to Management is a prerequisite for Marketing. For students who have completed Marketing there are additional marketing courses available. Digital Marketing (E/M 356) is offered fall semesters and Marketing Research (E/M 355) is offered in spring semesters. Please reach out to Professor Cathy Harms with questions about these courses.



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