Homophily Research Presented in Hawaii

Posted on March 25th, 2022 by

On March 19, 2022, Cat LaCasse ’22 and Kathy Lund Dean in the E/M department presented their research paper at the Western Academy of Management (WAM), in Kona, Hawaii. The paper examined possible reasons why management research has been criticized as irrelevant to leadership practice using social network analysis methodology. Cat was one of four undergraduate students at the conference and the only one presenting at a formal paper session. Her presentation skills and knowledge of the topic drew admiration from long-time WAM leaders including the session chair and former Academy of Management President Jone Pearce, program chair Toni Petkova, and Journal of Management Inquiry editor Richard Stackman. In other words—Cat’s poise and enthusiasm were amazing!

During the conference, Cat was invited to participate in the Doctoral Consortium, usually reserved for Ph.D. students, where she got to network with scholars and students from around the world who work broadly in the management research field. In post-conference reflections, Cat noted, “I was certainly nervous going into the doctoral consortium, but the discourse between the undergrads, junior faculty, and graduate students was incredible. We all had questions about each others’ experiences, and I can confidently say we all learned a lot.”

Cat was a true Gustavus ambassador and represented the best of what undergraduate research opportunities have to offer. Kathy and Cat can’t wait to continue this research project and move it toward publication. To read more about their research, click here.


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