New Finance Club shares tips for successful personal financial management

Posted on February 28th, 2014 by

Gustavus’ Finance Club was established with initial mission of assisting the Financial Wellbeing Initiative, one of the nine Wellbeing aspects.  The club currently boasts 15 members meeting every other week to discuss and develop projects/programs aligned with the mission and vision of Gustavus’ Wellbeing program. The Club’s academic advisor is Sheng Yang, who is the faculty champion of the Financial Wellbeing aspect of the holistic Gustavus Wellbeing initiative and is a financial economics professor in our department.

Students administered a Financial Literacy Survey as the first part of activities undertaken by the Club. The purpose was to help Wellbeing faculty and administrators identify the general issues and concerns that Gustavus students have in their personal financial situation.  The most important part of this effort is a fun and interactive financial literacy classroom presentation and informational trivia game. The presentation and game, shared with students over J-Term, includes important financial considerations like risk tolerance and long-term planning.  Five members from the club, including Andrew Oakes, Mitch Nelson, Tyler Gustafson, Courtney Branch, and Carl Neumann, showcased the trivia game and presentation in Laura Bowyer’s Personal Finance class this past J-term.






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