Conflict? Negotiation? No worries– insights from John Davis ’91

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by

John Davis at Keller Williams

What a difference it makes to have tried-and-true executive leadership weigh in on what we cover in class! Although the Manager’s Hot Seat video cases are truly realistic in how real managers handle complicated and difficult situations, our own Gustie corps of experience is invaluable. Today we discussed a Manager’s Hot Seat case about conflict, where a new manager, ready to shine, got torpedoed by his own senior executives. GREAT conversation and wisdom about navigating those dicey waters, and John’s own Keller Williams career provided example after example of what the manager “Patrick” faced in his video case scenario.

It’s always such a refresher for me, too, to hear how our alumni have made their success their own. John’s mantra is, “Let someone pay you to learn” helping students understand that learning is even more important after graduation than before! And I also love his message that we can learn from anyone if we stay open to new experiences as front and center.

I am just back in my office after class and I already have an email from a student:

Today’s class was one of my favorites during this semester.  John was very inspirational.  I took away several points: Business is relationships, you have to be a good follower to be a good leader and get paid to learn.  This last one really put my job search into perspective.  I probably won’t be able to start on top and it would be bad to start on top.  In order to excel on top you must work your way up and learn how the industry/ management works.

When John was speaking about all of these tips, I found myself thinking about past employment.  What did I like about working there?  What could my manager do differently?  What am I going to look for in a job?  Employer?  What defines my success?

He’s worth his weight in gold getting students to reflect on those types of questions. So great to have him back in class!



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