E/M’s own Sheng Yang takes first prize again

Posted on February 28th, 2014 by

Sheng & Mary celebrate their victories

Sheng & Mary celebrate their victories

Not only is Sheng Yang famous for his excellent teaching, winning the 2013 Swenson-Bunn Award, but now he is famous for his award winning chili! Participating in the 2014 Chili and Pie Cook Off last Friday, Sheng took the evening with his szechuan-style creation. He also won last year, making it a two-peat in the chili department. Mary Joos (Athletic Training) won the Pie award with her fabulous apple pie effort, using apples from a neighbor’s tree.

Although I also had a chili entry, my chicken chili recipe, I must admit that I voted for Sheng!! When your lips burn for 10 minutes after eating something, you know it’s something award-worthy. Thanks to the Kendall Center for organizing this festive annual event. Extra thanks to Betsy Byers (Art & Art History) for creating the shining trophies that will be passed along to each year’s winner.

Now we know what to ask Sheng to bring for departmental fun and food events. I wonder if fame will go to his head, or if he’ll share his secret recipe??


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