More news from our India social entrepreneurship program

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by

Steve Moertel sent another note about his experiences, after assuring me he was far from the cyclone and everyone was safe! I need a lesson on India geography, for sure!

Here is what he said–

My experience is still going very well! We just returned from our first internship with the NGO, Sabala. While we were there we visited a women’s university and gave a small presentation on social entrepreneurship. I talked to a group of business students about my experience with Feeding Our Community Partners [this is the organization where Steve did his service-learning project in my class last spring], which was very exciting and made me think about your class.  Besides a lot of visits to other various places, we did a lot of good work for the company in our time there. The main task I took on was expanding their international market to America. After some brainstorming, I am going to see when I return to Gustavus if the Bookmark will sell any of Sabala’s products. Concordia students will do the same for their school. Our biggest goals were creating a strong foundation for future GBI groups, and based of our experience at Sabala I think there is a lot of promise in future years for GBI students.

We are now moving into 3 weeks of classes on social entrepreneurship. I am very excited to learn more about the subject and keep experiencing India to its fullest!

We are so fortunate to have this program in place! Thanks to Kathi Tunheim for making the connection with Concordia Moorhead for our partnership, and to Carolyn O’Grady for helping with logistics on the ground.


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