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India pictures from the social entrepreneurship students– finally

Because I keep badgering him for pictures, Steve Moertel was nice enough to send them! All the photos are from his month in Bijapur working at the NGO Sabala but he is promising others from Goa and Bangalore soon.   Steve also sent this update: We are finishing up our social entrepreneurship class very quickly. […]

Gustie networking at Edina Westin draws energetic 200

Another October evening, another high-energy alumni and student engagement event. This could be habit-forming! And it’s not just because I am a Myers-Briggs “E” that I love these events: it’s where our incredible alumni community makes good on their stated wishes to draw in and support our students. Last night about 200 students and alumni […]

Science & Nature Conference is a smash success

Wow! Yesterday I had the chance to be part of the annual Science and Nature Conference for Minnesota kids in 3rd through 6th grade, hosted here at Gustavus. Wow! Hundreds of kids (like, 500) from all over the state came to participate in sessions highlighting “super cool” (quote from a 6th grader) science demonstrations like […]

More news from our India social entrepreneurship program

Steve Moertel sent another note about his experiences, after assuring me he was far from the cyclone and everyone was safe! I need a lesson on India geography, for sure! Here is what he said– My experience is still going very well! We just returned from our first internship with the NGO, Sabala. While we […]

John (’91) and Leigh (’92) Davis share insights with Management students

What a great Monday! John and Leigh Davis visited Gustavus on a beautiful fall day. I was so thankful to be part of John’s Gustavus journey: even as a career-long executive with Keller Williams realty, John came to pick up his diploma after we completed an independent study project together this summer! John’s network analysis […]