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The Economics and Management Department has many educational organizations where students can engage and learn outside of the classroom. These clubs allow students to explore and prepare for future careers. They also provide powerful networking opportunities where students can connect with alumni in areas where they have interest. Members of Gustavus Women in Leadership, Accounting Club, Investment Club, and Finance Club have shared about their organizations and their experiences. 


Gustavus Women In Leadership

Gustavus Women in Leadership, or GWIL, is dedicated to the personal and professional development of women. They host educational and networking events that provide opportunities for alumni and students from all backgrounds to connect and learn together. Co-President MacKenzie Sullivan ‘22 values the professional and personal relationships she has formed through the organization and will carry them into her future. “We believe heavily in what this organization can do for its members; even after you leave Gustavus, you are still always going to be considered a member of GWIL and encouraged to come back.” Her favorite event is the annual conference. “It is such a fulfilling experience and I learned a lot being surrounded by so many impressive women that are leaders within their given field.” For more information about GWIL, please contact Professor Kathi Tunheim (ktunheim@gustavus.edu).


Accounting Club

The Gustavus Accounting Club allows students to learn about potential careers and opportunities in the accounting field. They host multiple firms every semester which gives students a chance to connect with professionals and ask questions in a laid back environment. “It gives you the ability to learn more about what kind of firm you may want to work at in the future,” said Co-President Justyn Gillis ‘22. He highly recommends coming to a meeting because it is a great way to start building a network and is an easy commitment for students. “I know many people who found their internships and full-time jobs through these Accounting Club meetings!” Free food is another popular perk of the club. Contact Professor Laura Bowyer (lbowyer@gustavus.edu) for more information about Accounting Club.


Investment Club

The E. Terry Skone Investment Club was founded in 1997 with the purpose of helping students learn about the market and investing by actively managing a diversified investment portfolio. Members evaluate the portfolio’s positions, pitch new stocks, and discuss current market news. The portfolio is currently valued over $300k and an annual withdrawal is donated to student scholarships. Members also participate in investing simulations and compete in pitch competitions. The club welcomes everyone, regardless of major, gender, or investing experience. “Our goal is to educate,” said President Jill Shoen ‘22. “I had no investing experience prior to joining, but I was interested in learning about career options within the finance field and how I could start investing as a college student.” She recalls initially learning a lot through observation and encourages anyone who is interested to join! For more information about Investment Club, contact Professor Kathy Lund Dean (lunddean@gustavus.edu). 


Finance Club

Finance Club focuses on preparing students for careers in finance through hands-on, educational experiences. They emphasize the importance of personal finance and well-being; the club also organizes events on campus to educate the larger student body about positive financial practices. Finance Club is another organization that provides opportunities for networking between current students and Gustavus alumni. Astrid Axtman ‘22 says Finance Club “connected me to a young alumni who really helped inform me and gave me some tools to be successful at interviews. Without the context that this alumni provided, I would not have been nearly as successful or well oriented in the interview process.” Finance Club applications are available in the fall semester and open to juniors, sophomores, and second semester freshmen. Students who are interested in learning more about Finance Club should contact Professor Sheng Yang (syang10@gustavus.edu) for more information. 

Gustavus Finance Club

Finance Club hosting a Trivia Night in the Courtyard Cafe


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