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How it All Started

The GAC Mentoring Program has been flourishing non-stop since 2009 when it all began. This powerful program connects current Gustie students with a working Gustie Alum with similar career interests. The opportunity to network while gaining career development advice and create a tight-knit relationship has been very beneficial for hundreds of Gustie students over the years. This two-way connection goes beyond campus and aids to prepare Gustie students to become young professionals in entering the workplace and gain tips on how to navigate the job market. The Gustie network will forever be so strong!

See more info on the Mentoring Program below from our Gustavus Adolphus College Official site.

Mentoring Program Goal
To have students engage with alumni and other professionals to gain insight so they become more informed and prepared to make vocational and career decisions.
Mentoring Program Values
For students and mentors to explore simple and deep questions about life, work, and vocation and remain open to uncover insights that are inside an individual.
To intentionally work on integrating learning from the classroom and past experience into setting a course for future exploration. In addition an integration of many departments and constituents is valued to make the program a success.
Everyone involved in the program is expected to be their true and best self.
Mentoring Program Experience Goals
  • Assist in preparing students for the transition to professional life upon graduation
  • Realization that many career paths are non-linear and encourage students to keep an open mind and explore varied possibilities
  • Accept coaching to enhance and develop interpersonal, professional, and leadership skills
  • Assist in building a professional network

Student Leadership & Experiences

Mentoring Program Chairs

(L to R) Elsa, Josie, Paige, Allie

 “It’s so fun to connect with them because they know what’s its like to be a Gustavus student and they have told me so much about life after college including how to get jobs, resume help, etc. I love being on the mentoring executive board because we have such different majors and backgrounds which makes for many diverse viewpoints, but it also encourages so many new ideas as well. We work well together as a team and I encourage anyone and everyone to join!” ~Nursing Major and Recruitment Chair, Allie Luecke ’21


“The Mentoring Program is beneficial for me because it helps to connect students to professionals in the real world and create meaningful relationships  with these GAC Alumni all while building professional skills that will carry students through life after Gustavus!” ~Communication Studies Major and current Co-President, Elsa Beise ’21

Every year, the Gustavus Mentoring Program hosts a Mentor/Mentee Orientation and a Mentoring Program Kickoff event in the fall, has a combination of virtual and in-person events on networking beyond campus, professional development, resume building skills, how to set up your LinkedIn and more, and they end with a closing banquet in the Spring!

Register HERE by October 23rd to become a member of our Mentoring Program!


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