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Power Gaming with 200 students

THIS is why we do this experiential learning thing. This is exactly why. I had major anxiety about running the Power Game in a group this large—I have certainly never done it before, and I didn’t know anyone who had. We even sent it out over the OBTS-L listserv for insights from the most innovative […]

Gusties in the world.. Rachel Mohr ’16 here in Christchurch

An unexpected pleasure of this term at University of Canterbury: seeing fellow Gusties! Rachel Mohr ’16 and I met for lunch today in the re-configured Undercroft of the library. The Shilling Club boasts a terrific NZD$10 lunch, a great bargain for good food! Rachel is here in New Zealand studying the unique geology available in […]

Questioning assumptions in teaching and learning

One of the assumptions underlying my appointment as a Visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury is the belief that students learn most effectively using experiential methods. Actually, as I consider this, that assumption was also a key component of my being hired as the Board of Trustees Distinguished chair in Ethics and Leadership. […]

How can we know what they learn?

This week, Sarah and I spent time talking largely about the “making sure they learned it” issue, and how we would reasonably know when there are no graded assigments. It’s a much more complex subject in a large class; I journaled on this last week. Some of it is indeed an aspect of teaching philosophy. […]