Connecting with new alumni

Posted on July 14th, 2014 by

Had a great time catching up with a recent Management grad over lunch on a beautiful day in the Cities!

Caroline and Kathy at Yum!

Caroline and Kathy at Yum!

Caroline Nelson ’13 is in procurement at United Health Group, a job she scored by shining during her internship as well as impressing UHG folks during a practice design thinking workshop there in 2013. Terrific to see her thriving and she has agreed to come back to the classroom and share her experiences.

While we love it when pretty much all alumni come back to see our current students, having newer alumni in the classroom can share successes and workplace experiences that are closer to where our students are. Current students can connect with a person who graduated just a few years before them in different ways than alumni who graduated many years ago. Particularly in management areas like organizational behavior and ethics (near to my heart), the questions newer alumni get are very different than those for more seasoned alumni, and I think both are very valuable.

Kudos to Caroline and hopes for continued success!



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