Management students’ projects add lasting value for clients

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More projects from Kathi Tunheim’s HR and Organizational Behavior students. High impact learning at its best.

Orono Give & Go Team [Sam Flynn, Jennifer Marquette, client Joellen Gonder-Spacek, Austin Housh, Alissa Tinklenberg and Amy Medearis]

Orono Give & Go

The purpose of our project can be broken down into two main components: improving the current marketing plan and researching best practices of mentoring programs.

Marketing: We created a new program manual which can be given to others schools to start their own Give & Go programs, a brochure to spark interest, a promotional video, a program website and new logos and promotional items for schools to use. We also helped solidify a communication plan for the program, which utilizes the program coordinator position and also encourages this coordinator use the program website for updates and announcements as well as creating a Twitter account.

Best Practices Research: From our best practices research our five recommendations for the Give & Go program were to implement the following: 1) Pre & post tests of Mentors; 2) Longitudinal program surveys; 3) Parent evaluations; 4) Graduation or capstone program creation; and 5) A student program coordinator position creation.


Older Adults for UHG [Kailey Morgan, Courtney Branch, Colton Lenz, Emily Atkins, Tana Larsen. (Lauren Erickson is also in the group but is not pictured)]

UnitedHealth care has created a new Health4Me application for smart phones and asked us to develop strategic marketing plans for the application in order to increase downloads of the applications. Our group was one of the two “Older Adults” groups which focused on the age demographic of 41-60. Our recommendations consisted of 3 different means of marketing, one which was to be using social media. The recommendations formed out of research out group conducted earlier in the semester on health care and application usage. Our group suggested using a Facebook page to market the application as well as the company and a texting tool that would text all the UnitedHealth care members with information on the application as well as an easy link to download. Our last recommendation was to market the application on local transportation vehicles such as light rails and buses.

Older Adults UHG








Young and Invincibles (I just love the sound of that group!!) with UHG [Legolas Wang, Olivia Crane, Brian Jacobs, Brita Preus]

The goal of this project was to increase the number of users of the Health4Me mobile application for our client, UnitedHealthcare, by marketing to a group of people age 18 to 28 years old and finding what type of advertisements were most beneficial to them. Research consisting of surveys, interviews, and focus groups were conducted in the age demographic to gather data on what and how to advertise the Health4Me app. Our strategic marketing plan focuses on an advertisement campaign for Facebook and twitter, an online radio advertisement, and a magazine advertisement.


Health4Me UHG









The National Survey of Student Engagement says this kind of learning represents high-impact practices– those learning opportunities that are experientially significant and immersive. They help our students understand– really understand– what it’s like to navigate organizations’ inherent ambiguity and complexity. Lessons they take with them are transferable– how they communicate effectively, how they search for information that is reliable, how they manage team dynamics, how they present information in ways others can hear and engage with.















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