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Time off… priceless….

Harriman State Park, just outside Yellowstone So getting out of town to my favorite state park in the west is awesome…

Student–faculty research collaboration presented in Montreal

Dr. Kathi Tunheim and Elizabeth Johnson ’14 presented their collaborative paper, “Women and Leadership in Sweden,” at the International Leadership Association Conference in Montreal, Quebec. The ILA is a unique organization that truly blends academics and practitioners from all over the globe. Many of leadership’s stars attend and present at the ILA. Exhibit A, and […]

The ethics of student evaluations

I just posted my new ETHICIST blog post for the Academy of Management, about the ethics of student evaluations of teaching [SET]. Darrin Good helped me out with some information about our effort at Gustavus to improve the SET we use, so please take a look at the post. [Caveat: it’s long] [and, it has […]