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Kathi Tunheim Discusses Scouting Trip to India at Rotary Club

Kathi Tunheim, Assistant Professor of Management, spoke at the Long Lake/Orono Rotary Club on Thursday, March 15, 2012, to talk about the “Gustavus Scouting Trip to India.”  She and Dr. Bruce Johnson went to India December 3-10, 2011, to investigate a future semester-long program partnering with Concordia College in Moorhead.  They hope to design a […]

Jeff Owen ’92 Discusses Vikings Stadium Plan at Gustie Breakfasts

Assistant Professor Jeff Owen was the March speaker at Gustie Breakfasts in Saint Peter and Minneapolis sponsored by the Gustavus Alumni Association. Professor Owen described why sports teams and stadiums do not provide the economic benefits to communities that promoters claim. He also argued electronic pulltabs were a particularly poor choice for a funding mechanism. […]

Minnesota Photo ID Law: A Pandora’s Box

I have been looking over the proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution requiring a photo id for voting. Upon reading the latest version of HF2738 It seems that this legislation raises a number of serious questions with respect to implementation.  For example, suppose a Gustavus student wishes to vote in the November election and has a Minnesota […]

Kathi Tunheim and Kelsey Swanson ’12 present paper at the AHRD Conference.

Assistant Professor of Management Kathi Tunheim and Kelsey Swanson ’12 presented a co-authored paper, “Recruiting and Risk: Female Financial Advisor Candidates,” at the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference in Denver on March 1-3, 2012. The research focused on the perceptions of female college seniors of the financial advising career. In the […]

Hidden Strength in the Employment Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation for February 2012 this morning. Overall the report is very encouraging. The economy produced 227,000 jobs in February and for the last three months the U.S. economy has produced an average of 245,000 jobs per month and a total of 3.37 million jobs since January 2010. […]